Monday, May 2, 2016

Family Happenings

I just noticed how long it has been since I have made a blog post. So much has happened in this time:  our family has a new addition; the hubs has had some serious medical issues; our grandson has rebuilt a car and gotten his permit. I have let everything slide, and now I really need to catch up. 

Let’s talk about the new baby this time. She was born on December 6, 2015, and just finished her fourth month. I have been trying to document each month, and am currently through her third. In addition to doing digital documentation, traditional scrapping is on the horizon as Creative Memories has 2 brand new baby collections, one for boys, and one for girls. They are precious and worthy of any mother’s, grandmother’s, and/or great grandmother’s attention for documenting. To see this collection, which can be purchased as a bundle or separately, just click on the CM Independent Advisor button on this page and under “Shop”, go to “Collections”, then “Hello, Baby”. You will be pleasantly surprised! 

Digitally, the new Artisan 5 is proving to be easy to utilize (I always worry about upgrades), and I made the digital pages for our new one in it. The good thing about this upgrade is that it is a separate program from Artisan 4 and both will be supported. I actually have books running in both programs and that does make it convenient. I am starting new work in A5 and a couple of continuing books are staying in A4. There are different computer requirements for each program, so be sure to check that out. I am going to post here, some pages taken from the book I am doing for our new Delilah. 

Remember, if you every have any questions or want to know more, just contact me and we can get together!


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  1. OH! What a cutie! I love the new baby albums! I'm glad I found your blog!