Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Trip to Paris

Today, I am feeling a bit melancholy as my grand-daughter, Micayla, and her parents prepare for a trip to Paris. When Micayla started high school, I told her that if she studied French, when she graduated, I would take her to Paris for two weeks. It was a present that I began anticipating with great joy. Halfway through her high school “term”, I fell and broke both my legs (that is another whole story), and I recovered and moved on. One of the after effects, however, is that I cannot walk long distances any more, and I have a lot of trouble coming down stairs. I thought this would get better, and I delayed her gift by one year so I could be sure I was fully recovered. As it happens, I still cannot walk very far, and as a consequence, I had to pass on this gift to her parents, and they are taking her on her vacation. I have two wonderful grandkids, and I adore each of them, differently, and for me, going away, with just the kids, is really a special time. They are leaving on Saturday, and I miss them already, and yearn to be with them.

This is a small collage of photos that I took when I last went to France in 2009. It is a project that was part of the old Creative Memories digital program. I have workshops in digital scrapping. (If you are interested in any of the programs, artwork, or training related to this creative way of expressing yourself, click on any of the banners to the side and you will be connected to either Panstoria or Pixels 2 Pages. I know this is a blatant advertisement, and I do get a small commission for each purchase).

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