Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Favorite Photo?

Do you have a favorite photo, the one that you remember when talking to friends about the pictures in your scrapbooks, or on your phone? I have taken a lot of photos in my long life, yet there are less than ten that come to my mind as fabulous and spectacular. As you know, I am an affiliate for Panstoria and the Panstoria Print Shop, and through these companies, there is the ability to take a photo that is special and make it into something that is truly dramatic. One of my favorite photos is the one here. It was taken around 5:00 in the morning as we were waiting for the ferry to take us from Port Angeles, Washington, to Victoria, BC. It was just dawn and we were waiting in line to board when I wandered around and peeked through the chain link fence and saw this scene. I never expected to see something this picturesque on the dock of a ferry boat. To make it extra special, I put it into the Artisan software and edited it based on some instructions from Pixels 2 Pages, then had it printed on canvas through the Panstoria Print Shop. I now have it in my living room where I can see it every day.

Try doing something special with one of your favorite photos…you won’t be sorry!

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